Friday, April 15, 2011

Canadian Reference Centre

Your blogger spent time with two sections of a business class recently, showing them library resources to use for international business research, and there were several people doing research on US-Canada trade. Not surprising really, Canada is one of our biggest trading partners. One resource many in the groups weren't aware of is Canadian Reference Centre, a part of the package we get from Ebsco, like Academic Search Complete and so forth. The Canadian Reference Centre has articles and more from Canadian magazines, newspapers and journals.

For example when researching US-Canada trade articles came up from titles like the British Journal of Canadian Studies, Canadian Geographer, Canadian Economic Observer etc. Or, if you look up Wiarton Willie, a rodent weather forecaster akin to Punxsutawney Phil, you get articles from the Toronto Star, Guelph Mercury and the Kitchener Record :-) Pictured here is the statue of Willie in Wiarton, at the entrance to the Bruce Penninsula in Ontario.

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