Monday, June 13, 2011

What do librarians do all summer anyway?

Librarians here at Brockport, like most college librarians, work a full calendar year, so we are here in the summers. While we don't have all the classes to teach and questions to answer at the reference desk we do in the fall and spring semesters, summer school is on, and there are some people to help.

There's a lot of other things to do too. While summers are quiet in some areas, for some it's a busy time. For example right now the folks here who oversee all our book ordering are actively placing orders and using up the last of this fiscal year's budget. Summer is also a good time for us to catch up on projects that we couldn't get to during the year, and to plan for the coming year. It's a big time for conferences as well; this week is the SUNY Librarian's Association conference.

But of course we do take some time off for vacations and we hope you have the opportunity to get in some vacation time before another busy fall semester is here!

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