Monday, August 01, 2011

Google Scholar & Finding Articles...

Yes, you can find some articles using Google Scholar. It can be a useful site to explore. But in the end, it does not stack up all that well against our library databases, like Academic Search Complete etc. This isn't some ego thing, lol, where we want to be #1, it's just reality. Why? Because in the end information isn't free, despite all the (often good) information floating around on the Internet. Journals, magazines and newspapers all cost subscriptions to receive, and in the case of journals these subscriptions can easily be in the hundreds or ever thousands of dollars per year. They just don't give free access via Google.

So, what to do? Easy, go to our extensive lineup of article databases. Between them these resources offer access to tens of thousands of journals, magazines and newspapers, and their articles. Not sure which is best? Ask one of us for help!

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