Monday, October 24, 2011

"Darkness and Daylight"

No, this post isn't about daylight savings time, which ends 11/6: set your clocks back an hour the evening before :-) This post is about the author of the book whose cover you see here, Mary Jane Holmes. Like many people you may not have heard of her, but in her time, the 1850s through the 1890s, this Brockport woman was an extremely popular author whose books sold in large numbers.Her writing to modern readers may seem dated, overly sentimental and so on, but at the time it resonated well with her readers. It wasn't all empty sentiment by any means either. Holmes was a feminist and an abolitionist for example, views which influenced her writing and her life.

The library has a large collection of her books, as well as some books about her. She could be an great study for a research project!

(If the name sounds vaguely familiar, her husband, Daniel, was a local lawyer, graduate of Brockport and long time member of the Board of Trustees - Holmes Hall is named after him.)

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