Thursday, November 10, 2011

ebooks at Drake: now you can download!

It just shows you how fast things can change nowadays. On 11/4 we posted that you cannot download the "ebrary" ebooks found in our catalog. Now however that has changed, and you can in fact download them. Great news!

Here's how it will work. If you see an ebook in our catalog, click on the title and in the record for the book there will be a link to the ebrary site (which is what most of our ebooks are.) Click on that link, and once in ebrary, sign in to your account at the upper right. If you haven't created an account, use the sign in to create one. Once you have signed in you will have the option of either reading the book online or downloading it. The books download in Adobe Digital format, which allows them to be downloaded in their entirety to a wide range of devices, including iPads, Nooks, Kobe readers etc. For Kindle users there are some limitations.

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