Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Just before Pearl Harbor

Something for Pearl Harbor Day, found while researching in the college archives. Marty Rogers, a long time professor of Recreation and Leisure, coach, and camping director at Brockport, started here in 1945. In a 1951 Stylus article about him, the following story was told. In the late 1930s, Rogers got a two year post at Roberts College in Istanbul Turkey. When his contract ended in the summer of 1941, he and his wife had a series of adventures trying to return to the U.S. due to wartime conditions. From Turkey they made their way into Russia, and from Russia to Japan, where they were followed closely by the police who apparently suspected them of being spies. They managed to get permission to travel to China, and from China obtained passage to the U.S., arriving home in November 1941, just a few weeks before Pearl Harbor!

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