Thursday, January 05, 2012

WWII diary on Twitter!

Your blogger ran across a curious example recently of a primary document in an article in the Telegraph. Private Ross Taylor was a British soldier captured in 1940 during the Battle for France, and after his capture he managed to retain a pocket diary he had with him. He kept his entries brief to make the diary last, and the diary, like Pvt. Taylor, survived the war and returned home to England. Taylor married his sweetheart and lived a long life, dying this past September at the age of 92. His grandson, who is now the keeper of the diary, realized one day in looking at it that each entry was no more, and often less, than a typical tweet on Twitter. He has now begun tweeting the diary from the @driverross account. Certainly the young soldier captured in France could never have imagined a world where his little diary would be "tweeted!"

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