Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Music in the library

We do actually have music in the library, our Concerts at Noon program, but your blogger is thinking more of our information resources on music. While it has been many years since the college had a formal department of music, there are interdisciplinary programs and departments that offer music courses, and the library still acquires music related materials.

For example, recently in the news it was announced that folk singing legend Woody Guthrie's archives would be moved into a new center in his native state of Oklahoma. Well, if you're not sure who he was, or what he did, or if you just want to learn more about him, we have a lot for you to look at. There are a number of books, CDs and movies in our catalog relating to Woody Guthrie, and for articles sites like Academic Search and Project Muse would offer many excellent documents. See our research guide to music for more resources.

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