Monday, March 19, 2012

"Coptic Christians?"

You may have seen on the news that the Pope, or Patriarch, of the Coptic Church died recently. Many may well wonder what the "Coptic" church is, as it is not something familiar to most in this country. The New Catholic Encyclopedia, which is actually a very good encyclopedia on Christianity in general, not just Catholicism, has some articles on Coptic Christianity. We have some books in our catalog on the Coptic Church, its history, theology, art and so forth, and our guide to religion would help too. The Coptic Church is a fascinating branch of Christianity; it dates back to the Apostle Mark who established it in the first century, and the language of the liturgy is the modern day descendent of ancient Egyptian.

There is a Coptic Church website, and there is even a Coptic Church in Rochester, St. Mark's.

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