Monday, December 10, 2012

Think ahead to your 50th reunion...

Yes, it seems like a long time off right now; for you Class of 2013 folks your 50th reunion will be in 2063. But time does march on, right now the college archivist is working with members of the Class of 1963 as they get ready for their 50th reunion coming up Fall 2013.

They have some advantages over current students. Back then for example there was a yearbook, the Saga, and that is a great resource for reminiscing, scanning for photos for slide shows and so on. Another thing some of them have are physical, print photographs, which have survived the last 50 years pretty well, and now can be scanned and used in different ways. What about all those photos of your friends and activities here, that many of you probably only have on your smart phones, digital cameras, posted on Facebook..., where will all those be in 50 years? It's a funny thing, but while information, whether text or photographs or music, has never been more widely and easily available, it is yet it all so easily rendered ephemeral. As software and hardware changes and evolves, data is often is made inaccessible. So, pick a few favorite photographs, print them out on a decent photo printer, save them in simple plastic sleeves in a sturdy envelope or scrapbook. Then 50 years from now you will have photos of your time here, like the Class of '63 photo shown here! (It was the 1961 Sadie Hawkins dance; do they still have those?)

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